About Global Resources:

Global Resources (dba Bare Tree Media), a Boston-based digital entertainment company, specializes in engaging fans with new and established brands across various digital platforms, including virtual worlds, virtual branded goods, social apps, mobile apps, game console and iTV content. Our digital solutions allow communities to access and enjoy great brands digitally anytime and anywhere.

Global Resources is dedicated to enriching the lives of fans and children around the world with a commitment to donate 1% of profits from the STOOP!D MONEY PAPARAZZI photo app to charities. Get more information, go to stoopidmonkeymania.com/charity.

For marketing and media information, please contact: marketing@stoopidmonkeymania.com

For partnership information, please contact: info@stoopidmonkemania.com

About Stoopid Monkey:

Stoopid Monkey Productions is the production company founded by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, Creators/Executive Producers/Writers/Directors/Voices for the Emmy-winning Robot Chicken, the highest-rated original series on Adult Swim, and the online series, Stoopid Monkey.  They recently joined with Buddy Systems to create Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, a Los Angeles-based stop-motion animation studio.  Green and Senreich were also Executive Producers/Writers on Titan Maximum and are consulting on the upcoming animated Star Wars comedy series for Lucasfilm, Ltd.  Stoopid Monkey joined forces with Joe Kavanagh, who launched the Harry Potter, Batman and Justice League action figure brands for Mattel, to expand their merchandising and to create the adventures Stoopid, Biggie and QT for their Stoopid Monkey series, which debuted in July, 2011, on their own YouTube channel (www.YouTube.com/user/StoopidMonkey).